SnapChat to the Gram + Everything in Between

How to navigate through life with the good and bad of social media.

There are many social media options in the world today. You probably spend most of your time on one of many in the social media universe. Snapchat and Instagram have become two of the all-time favorite apps used. Twitter and Facebook have made a significant comeback in engagement, posting news on demand, as it happens and broadcasting trending hashtags and themes. We’ve all gotten a glimpse, participated in a trending tag to add your point of view or laughed at the public’s roasting of pop culture moments. You can illustrate your life in a series of beautiful videos and images and words. We have this fantastic technology to diary our lives and focus on some of the things that we admire in life. I mean who doesn’t love scrolling through the sea of endless possibilities on Pinterest. Social media is how you express yourself to the world. It’s your vision board. You can highlight what is going on in your life you can also showcase the things that you love. It could be a destination that you want to go to or a car that you want to buy. There are no rules.

Self-love and social media go hand-in-hand. You’re exercising self-love when you post the positive things in your life and the things that you’d like to retain. It could be material pleasures as well as a dream centered around happiness and friends and family. The benefits of social media are endless.

Social media has come under fire at times for not being real. Of course, there are people on social media who use it for negativity. Everyone has run into account that was fake, that is on the internet to post rude comments and to bash you, friends, celebrities or people they don’t know. Self-love is using social media in a healthy way. That means creating a foundation and a standard for yourself on how to engage and who to engage. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you still we need to be careful of how you participate online. Fake accounts and bullies come in all shapes and sizes.

So, let’s get to the good stuff like judging yourself by the accounts of others. You may see someone that has the most fantastic life, and you’re like “Wow, I could never live that way.” Or you may feel that your life looks so miserable compared to them. Many critics will jump in and say their life is probably not real. Or they can’t possibly be happy; it’s all fake. Sometimes there’s an account that may not be 100% real but who are we to judge? Every social media account has its infinite possibilities. We are not their creators. More people need to focus on themselves positively and let go of negative emotions like fear, jealousy, and anger. These are some of the feelings that arise when people see social media accounts with a luxe lifestyle. Those people have put in the work and the dream to make it happen. Some may not have put in the work, and that may have you feeling that everyone is famous for nothing or being rewarded for negative behavior. But you have a choice on what you view daily. You can look to some of those accounts as inspiration, but you need to take from it, only what is important to you. If someone is cracking open champagne bottles and throwing hundred dollar bills in the air, that may not be something you want to see every day. When you take the judgment out when scrolling online, you leave more time for yourself and your dream. Just learn to hit unfollow if it’s not serving you.

Moving on, let’s discuss the subject of comments. How do you surf online and not get affected by some of the negative comments that you see? You can have a positive post on a good news network about a puppy, and you can scroll through the comments and still see thousands of people arguing, debating and wasting time. You may say to yourself, well I can’t avoid it, because everywhere I look, people hurl insults, fight and argue online. There are a few things that you can do to help relieve this negativity from your life. Some of us choose not to read all the comments; we just read the story. That’s what you are there for, the story. Second, we can train ourselves for when we do see negative comments. Stop reading them and scroll. Don’t be tempted to watch the fight unfold or to absorb the negative language. Just keep scrolling. You can train yourself not to be affected by negativity online. Social media is meant to be social. What happens when you post a comment online, and you get attacked? The best advice is don’t react. You can state the most obvious truth with the most accurate of facts and people will still attack your thinking. It’s essential that if you must clap back at some of these negatives users, state your opinion with respect and tell them to have a beautiful day. When you do that, you set the stage for social media etiquette. Rarely do people fight back when you don’t give them a fight. If your comment is causing that much controversy, you can also delete it and go back to working on your life. We are guiding you into an understanding, that you do not have to engage online with bullies.

What do you do if you are the victim of someone bullying you on your post? You delete their comment. If they come back, you block them and report them. You do not have to tolerate people bullying your account. Some people even set up a private page just for best friends, and they have a separate page for everyone else. It’s a great way to talk freely amongst your best friends.

What happens when you see your friends posting very negative or derogatory contacts? If their content is not making you feel good, unfollow and delete them. There should be no hesitation in removing negativity from your life. That is the ultimate act of protecting yourself and protecting your subconscious. That is self-love.

Some of you may use social media for personal reasons, to post things you like. If you are positively using social media to brand yourself, you can achieve great success. Some tips on incorporating self-love into your social media include; posting positive and upbeat messages, highlighting your content with bright and airy images, daylight shots are always best for selfies and product shots, and post consistently and with purpose. If you or your brand performs a service or provides content that is beneficial to your followers, you will have success and create engagement. Understanding how social media works across each platform is essential. Snapchat and Instagram function differently than Facebook and Twitter. While many offer multi posting, experiment so that you get the best outcome. If your Instagram posts to Twitter simultaneously, it’s seen as a link in a tweet and requires extra steps to see your original image. Sometimes your Twitter feed will look more inviting if you post to that network separately. Investigate apps like Buffer to find what works best for you. It’s an app that can post to multiple networks, still showing your vibrant images across most.

So maybe you have done all of these things, and you’re still not seeing the engagement, likes and follows. Don’t be disheartened. This is where self-love and action should kick in again. You must show patience and not take it personally. Examine what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Experiment with what you’re posting and also look into marketing on each network. They all allow for you to promote your posts, so more people can see them within the demographic that you want to reach.

We are not judged or measured by how many likes or followers we get. That’s the most critical factor in dealing with social media. It doesn’t make or break you. Many brands are looking to micro influencers to partner. You are not your likes. Do you know hundreds of millions of people view content on social media and never hit the like button? Even with some of the biggest celebs and brands. It’s okay if it takes time for your audience to grow. You can’t judge your value on people’s indecision or decision to hit the like button. There are also algorithms used on social media, which makes your content hard to see. Remember that social media are platforms owned by companies to make money. Used correctly, you can build your brand, but you have to keep in mind that you may need to set aside money for marketing. All brands do.

Now it’s easier than ever to flick a switch and start creating content with no professional experience. If you are a social media influencer, you can gain an audience by focusing on video content. It connects with your fan base quicker as most people enjoy watching videos over static images. If this is on your dream board, focus on content that is important to a specific demo, and if you’re doing it for fun, make sure always to be safe and responsible with your content.

There’s something online for everyone. Keep it positive.







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