On Being Original + Respecting the Creative Process of Others

Being original feels so much better than lifting the ideas of others.

How many of us have had a great idea. You map your ideas out and see them to fruition. Whether it’s the way you style your clothes, your art or even your website, it never feels good when someone comes along and copies. That’s why it’s so important to be original and creative on your own. There’s a difference in being inspired by someone and actually taking their idea for yourself.

Recently many musicians and brands have gotten into heat for lifting ideas or music from other artists. Stealing ideas just so your company can make money or so that your album sells isn’t ethical. There are people that get hurt along the way. People that used all of their resources to be creative in an ethical way.  You may see an artist who got famous for behaving in a way that is somewhat scandalous and then to keep their marketing momentum going they look to the internet for ways to steal ideas to stay famous. Or a musician who has taken the music from an old song for a new track and was then made to pay out millions in a lawsuit. They aren’t practicing self-love and originality. They are lifting. Plain and simple.

We’ve seen the stories of brands that have designed tee shirts and pins that were exact replicas of art from smaller unknown artists. Just because they don’t have the same audience as the larger brand, doesn’t make it right to copy. There is usually a call out process that follows. Is it worth it? Is it living in harmony?

Being original is a spirtual process. Energy goes into creativity and the things that you experienced throughtout your life, go into the creative processs.  So it’s a very raw donut feeling when someone takes ideas from you without asking. If you don’t want it done to you, it’s best not to do it to anyone else.

Right now we are living in a very strange time, where facts and truth are being blurred.  Where people are lifting other’s creative work and defending it by saying everyone copies. No, everyone doesn’t copy. We should live in a way that is vibrationally positive. We can’t control when others are not original, and that’s the life they have mapped out for themselves, but it doesn’t mean there will be a positive outcome. It may hurt your brand, or sales, or leave a blemish on how people view you. Most importantly there may be that nagging feeling inside your mind that follows you forever, when you get credit for something that was never your own. It creates negative energy from within.

Focusing on positive energy and self-love is always best when it comes to originality. We are all creative and there is someone out there who will be a fan of the way you express that. Find your originality and creativity and never use others for your own gain. When you love yourself you can respect the creative process of others.

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