Celebrities are coming together to empower

In an effort to raise self-esteem across the nation, we teamed up with our favorite stars to challenge people to look beyond the selfie and take a closer look at self-love and body image – better known as the #SelfLoveCampaign.

Our #SelfloveCampaign is reaching millions online. We are the only campaign in history, to bring in 100’s of celebs. Names include but are not limited to, Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson, Normani of 5H, Lennon and Maisy, Skylar Stecker, and the world’s number #1 Viner with 1 BILLION LOOPS, Lele Pons.

Normani / Photo Credit: Brendan Forbes

#SelfLoveCampaign, with all of our celebrities involved, launched February 2015, has reached over 200 million combined and is now inspiring brands and celebs in entertainment to start talking about self-worth, self-love, and a positive body image. As you know, Justin Bieber’s #LoveYourSelf trended, as did Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself single in September. This topic inspires the nation and connects brands to a successful celebrity campaign and promotion.

Viral Sensation Lele Pons

The viral campaign already has celebrities willing to share their selfies and thoughts about what self-love means to them – including Cody Simpson, Kira Kosarin, G. Hannelius and Kelli Berglund.

Cody Simpson

This amazing campaign wants YOU to join and participate in the #SelfLoveCampaign movement. Just like Cody, you can Tweet, Instagram or post on your Facebook what #SelfLove means to you. Need some inspiration? Cody wrote,

“Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on your upsides and love yourself for who you are. The moment you compare yourself to others and see in them what you may not have you will never be truly happy. Others are seeing in you what they don’t have. Your journey is your own.”-CODY SIMPSON

Need even more inspiration on what to say, or just want to know what your other stars and people all around the world are saying about #SelfLove? Head to Glitter’s Youtube page now!

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